A Few Ideas For Pageant Appearances


Winning a pageant title often comes with several obligations you must fulfill throughout your reign. One of the most common obligations of a beauty queen is to make a set number of appearances on behalf of the pageant. The pageant director may coordinate appearances for you, or you may have to coordinate them yourself. This can be a tough thing to do by yourself, especially if you have limited contacts in your area. With a little effort you should be able to make enough appearances to successfully complete your reign.

Make yourself available for media interviews. Send out press releases to announce your title as well as something that will generate media interest. This could be anything from a special talent you have to a charitable cause you are involved with. Tailor your press releases for specific media outlets.

Attend a theme night at a sporting event. A promotion utilized by some athletic teams to boost attendance is a royalty night. Beauty queens are given free or discounted admission to a game for the promotion. Sometimes they are recognized at halftime or throughout the game by the public address announcer. Check with college or semiprofessional teams in your area to see if they plan to offer this promotion during the upcoming season.

Visit other pageants. Search online for pageants in your area. Go to the websites of all of the pageants you find to check for special invitations extended to beauty queens to attend the pageant. Admission to the event may be free or at at discounted price. There may also be a need for titleholders to serve as judges, emcees or entertainers.

Ride in a parade. Parades have long been a destination to promote beauty queens. While being in a parade is a popular appearance, it can also be one of the more expensive ones. Generally, you will need a suitable vehicle to ride in as well as money to pay the parade entry fee. To reduce costs, arrange a joint appearance with other titleholders and think about walking along the parade route instead or riding in a vehicle.

Model for sponsors. If you received sponsorship funds from businesses such as a clothing store, wholesale jewelry company or hair salon, offer to serve as a model on site for a day. Model your crown and sash along with the clothing, jewels or hairstyling received from the sponsor for the customers who come in throughout the day.

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