Christmas Gifts for Tween Girls: Finding the Perfect Present for 9-12 Year Old Girls


9-12 year old girls can be difficult to shop for but looking for Christmas gifts for tween girls doesn’t have to be a complicated task. They are at that age where they’re too old for toys but too young for boys! They’ve probably outgrown many of the toys that they longed for a few Christmases ago. Whether you’re shopping for your tween, daughter, grandchild, niece or other relative or friend, we’ll give you the lowdown on the gifts that are on a tween girl’s Christmas gift list this year.

Many pre-teens girls long to be teenagers and they are no longer content with the latest Barbie or Bratz doll! They’re looking up to their tech-savvy teenage siblings and friends and the kind of things you’ll find on their Christmas gift wish list this year include games consoles such as a Nintendo Wii or the hand-held Nintendo DSi. These game consoles are not just restricted to tween boys! With plenty of beauty and fashion games hitting the market, tween girls are just as interested in games consoles as their male counterparts.

If you have a daughter aged 9-12, you probably know that they love the Disney shows such as Camp Rock and Hannah Montana. I’m pretty certain that Jonas Brothers or Hannah Montana themed gifts will go down very well with your favourite tween girl this Christmas. Music is also a big favourite and there are many gifts to suit every budget. Even an iPod doesn’t have to be expensive! On the lower end of the scale, buying an iPod shuffle will allow her to take her favourite music wherever she goes.

At this age, girls are also starting to get interested in make-up and beauty. Many parents aren’t comfortable with their daughters wearing make-up at this age but age appropriate gifts include lip gloss, scented body lotions, body glitter, nail polish and hair accessories. If buying for a friend or relative’s daughter, I’d check with the parents first just to make sure they are OK with these types of gifts.

At this age, hobbies and interests are most likely changing very quickly so you want to make sure you buy inexpensive Christmas gifts for tween girls or if you’re spending a bit of money, gifts that will stand the test of time. Games consoles are great buys as they can be kept for years while you just buy new games as their interests change.

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