October 4, 2022


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I’m a fashion expert with big boobs – five clever clothes tricks to make your chest look smaller


THERE are so many ways to amplify your boobs and make them look bigger.

But not everyone wants to do that, and for those who don’t, fashion TikToker @annieekat is here to share her tips on minimising your breasts and making them appear smaller.


TikToker Annie shares her tips for minimising the appearance of big boobsCredit: TikTok/@annieekat
Simply just wearing a cardigan can make boobs appear smaller


Simply just wearing a cardigan can make boobs appear smallerCredit: TikTok/@annieekat

Annie’s first tip is to wear a sports, non-padded, or minimiser bra. You can pick up a minimiser bra from many high street shop including Marks and Spencer, where they’re currently on sale for just £16.

If women’s blouses pop open and/or gape on you then Annie suggests switching over to men’s shirts instead.

The fashion pro reveals one handy style that can help minimise the size of your breasts – wearing a vest over your blouse or shirt.

This creates a minimising effect thanks to the difference in colour and volume. 

She also suggests wearing oversized men’s t-shirts and jumpers as these aren’t tailored to the feminie form and will fall looser over your body.

You can also try wearing cardigans, these minimise your breasts by creating a narrow line down your middle.

On her TikTok account, Annie shares tonnes of fashion tips to her 28.9k followers, including one where she shares clothes that will reduce the risk of ‘hourglass syndrome’.

Hourglass syndrome can occur if you are regularly sucking in your stomach, and can lead to having a bump above your stomach.

For women concerned about this she suggests smock/babydoll tops, t-shirt dresses, empire waistlines and oversized cardigans or jackets.

And Annie isn’t the only fashionista sharing her top tips online.

One midsize fashion fan shared her tips for surviving in the heatwave, including how to stop thigh chafing.

And an elegance couch revealed how you can look expensive when flying and why you should never arrive at the airport in flip flops.

Wear a vest over your shirt for a minimising effect


Wear a vest over your shirt for a minimising effectCredit: TikTok/@annieekat
Sports bras aren't just handy for exercising


Sports bras aren’t just handy for exercisingCredit: TikTok/@annieekat
Men's shirts aren't tailored to the feminine form


Men’s shirts aren’t tailored to the feminine formCredit: TikTok/@annieekat


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