Interesting Facts About Necklaces and Bracelets


Necklace Information-

Everyone loves diamond necklaces, let’s face it who wouldn’t. A diamond necklace can look classical and sophisticated.

As they are worn close to your heart, necklaces were originally designed to attract love and strengthen it. Although this folklore which people strongly believed hundreds of years ago no longer holds true, necklaces which hold diamonds can still create a lot of attention.

It is believed that necklaces where the first item of jewellery to be made or worn. We think this because a construction of a shell necklace was discovered in South Africa and can be dated back 75,000 years ago. Pre-historic necklaces where also made out of animal teeth, bones and claws.

The first gold necklace was made in around 2500 BC. Diamond necklaces are fairly recent trend in the history of jewellery history.

Bracelet Information-

Like Necklaces, diamond bracelets can create a lot of attention. Diamonds in whatever form of jewellery can be admired and loved by many people.

Where did the name ‘Bracelet’ come from? The term bracelet originates from the Latin word ‘brachile’ meaning of the arm. Bracelets have been an item of jewellery loved by people for many years and can be dated back to the Ancient Egyptians of around 7000BC. These were not made out of diamonds but bones and wood and where worn to represent religious or spiritual matters such as scarab bracelets which symbolised rebirth and regeneration.

It can be enjoyable to learn the history of items you with to purchase. Don’t forget that if you purchase jewellery online you can retrieve voucher codes.

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