Om & Ah: Vegan Clothing is on the Rise

Evolution made humans be able to think deeper than other animals. We’re capable of making sense of things, and despite in our history we made lots of poor choices, it’s time to grow a step higher and become fully aware of our existence on earth. Click here to learn more about this.

We’re talking about what we as humans do on earth to harm others. We need to become aware of our actions and make sure that we harm no more animals as we did in the past. Going vegan is no longer a choice, but an obligation for every aware person out there.

Most people think that being vegan is only connected with what we eat. This is not true. Being vegan is a lifestyle and is much more than just a simple diet choice. Being vegan means choosing a life of not harming animals for our sheer enjoyment.

What does it mean to be vegan?

Unlike people who are locked inside their minds doing anything they like, vegans think deeply about their self-consciousness and how to act without hurting animals. That means everything involving them should be animal cruelty-free.

Most of today’s clothing is made by harming animals. Companies, like Om & Ah who are based in London, are creating and releasing entirely vegan clothes. They are in no way harming animals and they care about the world around us.

Lots of companies are doing the same. Some of them are more exposed than others and you might have heard about them, and others are more low-profile. What is tying them all together is the fact that they care about the world around them and do everything they can to deliver a product that’s going to be vegan.

Why is this so important?

As humans, we have a history of killing anything different than us. From other kinds of people different than us to all kinds of animals. Did you know that 500 species vanished entirely from the face of the earth in the last 100 years? Most of these species are extinct because of people.

We hunt them down, torture them, use them as food, clothing, or medical experiments. Even when they become endangered, they have nowhere to go and eventually they disappear. Learn more about this on the following link:

With the extinction of some species, others will also vanish. Nature is connected in a chain of events that we as humans are breaking. This is not acceptable and must stop. We need to stop interfering in what seems to be a divine work of nature.

That means completely leaving nature apart. We need to start acting as the species that are on top of the evolution chain and become aware of the problems we’re facing. Hence, going vegan is not a choice, but an obligation of every person on this planet.

Why clothing should be vegan?

Because some clothes are made by torturing or killing animals. We’re not talking about fur coats exclusively here, but other products, such as wool products, and others. There’s no need for us to do such harm to innocent animals.

Fashion is a caprice that needs to stop as such. We wear clothes that should have a different role in our lives. We have other options that are not harming anyone. Instead of torturing and killing animals for our crazy needs, we can use other materials that will leave the living world alone.

The vegan clothing industry is growing

With hundreds of companies producing vegan clothes, the industry is growing. It’s only a matter of time when they are going to take over the market. It’s an obligation we make as the common person is often unaware of the facts. We need to make the choices for them.

No one is bind to wear wool or fur clothes as mentioned. Everyone can be entirely happy with products that have nothing to do with harming animals. As a consumer, you surely can’t make a difference between leather and synthetic jacket.

On the other hand, everyone feels ecstatic when wearing cotton-made products, which are completely justified. Making the rights choices is what we all must do.