Swarovski Jewelry Cleaning And Care Tips


There are many different types of jewelry available today and one of them is Swarovski jewelry. Swarovski jewelry has unmatched beauty and elegance and this is the reason they are really popular today. Swarovski jewelry is made from Swarovski crystals. It is actually made from a particular type of glass and has precision cuts. These types of jewelry are expensive and therefore great care needs to be taken to maintain their look.

Here are some Swarovski jewelry cleaning and care tips.

Cleaning tips

– The brilliance of the jewelry can be restored by wiping them with baby wipes. What you can do is take a baby wipe and gently roll over your Swarovski jewelry. Wipe it with a baby wipe couple of times and then dry it with a clean cloth.

– A type of homemade solution can also be used to clean your jewelry. To make this solution, you have to take a container, add water, a little bit of alcohol and dish washing soap. Close the lid of the container and mix the solution. When the solution is ready, dip your Swarovski crystal jewelry in it for three minutes. Swirl the container occasionally and take out the jewelry after three minutes. Wipe with a clean dry cloth and your jewelry is sparkling like new again.

Care Tips

What You Must Do

– Use a soft jewelry polishing cloth to prevent tarnish build up
– Remove it before using cleaning agents
– Remove it before getting into the swimming pool or the ocean
– Remove it when gardening
– Remove it before going to bed
– Remove it before engaging in work outs to prevent scratching

What You Must Not Do

– Don’t rub Swarovski jewelry with abrasive cloth or cleansers
– Don’t allow it to come into contact with substances containing sulfur
– Don’t store jewelry near heat source
– Don’t expose jewelry to extreme temperatures

Some Valuable Tips

– If you are planning to go out, make sure that you reserve your Swarovski Jewelry as a finishing touch. This means that you must wear them after you have applied body care products such as perfume, hair spray, cream, etc.
– Protect your jewelry from sharp blows and harmful chemicals
– A zip lock bag is highly recommended to store your jewelry
– Do not store jewelry before ensuring that it is completely dry
– Always keep your jewelry in a velvet pouch or its original padded box
– If you have a silver Swarovski crystal jewelry, make sure to protect it against tarnish by keeping it in an air tight container.

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