10 Summer Fashion Trends To Get On Now


Summer is historically a bright and colorful season in the fashion world, get ready for lots of colors, patterns, detail as well as reliable basics.

Spring 2022 was blessed with bold patterns and bright colors which was the perfect way to kick off sunny weather and the good news is those trends are rocking right into summer 2022 and then some.

Coachella fashion is another way to kick start the summer fashion vibes, which brought back two-piece sets, crocheted anything and lots of bold statement pieces. Summer fashion is going to be all of that and more with comfortable basics to colorful statement pieces.


10 Plain White Tank

Everyone’s summer capsule closet needs to include the perfect white tank top. This tank needs to be work-friendly to be paired with some light linen trousers, or the perfect top for your new favorite mini-skirt.

It is essential for how versatile it is, and this basic top is literally trending amount models in the fashion world.

9 Cutouts

It is no surprise that cutouts are going strong going into summer, why not cut some pieces out of the clothes to keep you cool in the hottest months of the year?

From pants to dresses, a cutout is an elegant detail for any basic or statement piece, even for bikini trends.

8 Crochet Anything

Crochet debuted at Coachella as a major fashion trend and is going strong into summer. This is a fun trend as you can learn to make it yourself, or buy from local crochet makers who often do custom jobs too.

Add some accessories like a crochet bucket hat, or a cute beach bag with rocketed flowers or an entire two-piece set for wearing as an outfit or over your swimsuit. Crochet dresses are also a huge trend on and off the beach.

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7 Basket Purses

Basket purses are like the summer anthem, they have made their way around the glove over the last few summers as the perfect bag for warmer weather. If you are someone who always carries a black leather purse, pack it away for summer and get something less hot, such as the perfect wicker bag.

It adds summery texture to any outfit and still manages to go with everything.

6 Barely-There Sandals

While chunky sandals are still trending, the barely-there sandal is definitely having its moment. Switch up your platforms for some slick and smooth strappy sandals with a small heel or no heel at all.

The strappy aspects provide an elegant touch to any outfit, and you can wear them casually or to work. Make them a statement piece by investing in a bright summer color like orange or pink.

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5 Bold Colors & Patterns

The last year of fashion has been one of the most colorful yet, and fashion lovers are thrilled to finally embrace their inner maximalists. While basics are great, why not add some color to your capsule closet with bold colors and patterns?

You can go bold in just about any category of clothes from shirts to pants, skirts dresses and more.

4 DIY Jewelry

If you are tired of paying too much for jewelry that you always end up losing, or never being able to find just the right piece, learn to make your jewelry instead. The DIY look is trending anyways so you might as well be authentic.

Even the simplest jewelry making with letter beads is a trend that is here to stay. Simply buy letter block beads and string together your favorite necklace.

3 Super Mini Skirts

Mini skirts are getting shorter, and the waistlines are going down thanks to the return of the low-rise trend, which has yielded the super mini skirt. It might be a little difficult to wear, but it looks great with crop tops.

A pro tip is investing in athleisure skorts, they might be ultra-mini but at least you are fully covered and can move with comfort.

2 Long Shorts

On the other side of ultra mini skirts, this year’s shorts are actually being taken out a few inches. Remember back in elementary school when the Bermudas were the it shorts? Well, they are back.

While it might take you a minute to adjust to the look, you will instantly feel comfortable as everything is held in place and you can avoid chaffing. From trouser shorts to jeans and linen and cotton, get some longer shorts for easy styling.

1 Corsets & Bustiers

Corset tops went viral thanks to TikTok and celebrities have been rocking them on the red carpet for months, but they are predicted to stay strong as a trend for summer.

There are actually a lot of options in this genre as you can wear a corset or a bustier. Corsets usually have some wiring, which is cute but maybe not the most comfortable. Bustier still gives you that romantic and cottage core shaping, but without the wires.

Look for bustier bodices in shirts and dresses, don’t forget to lean into cottage core trends such as puffy sleeves and flowy dresses per usual this summer.

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