London is the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is situated in the southeast of England, sitting along the Thames River. The Inner London, the Outer London and the London City consist of the Greater London, which is the London we usually talk about. It has an area of 1600 square kilometers with a population of 7.5 million. It is divided into 33 districts, and each city has a mayor, a parliament and a city hall.

This historic city was firstly built in the 43BC by the Romans. In around 1st century AD, under the rein of Rome, England has used the Thames River as the vital traffic line, and built the city construction along the banks of the Thames River. Even now people can see the ancient walls left by Rome. The ancient Romans dumped this city in the 5th century, and later Anglos, Saxons and Danish people all wanted to occupy this city. William the Conquer owned the city in 1060 which ended the fight. In 1087, William the 1st built the Tower of London in 1087, which is a well-known scenic spot all over the world.

12th and 13th centuries are extremely important in the history of London, because London has the basic frame of government during this period, which lay the foundation for the prosperous London in the Middle Age. The Westminster Abbey, the St. Paul’s Cathedral and many law schools were built in this period.

It enjoys a glorious history in the 16th and 17th centuries, during which the culture and power of this nation had been improved a lot. Then, the Protestant Reformation, the peasant uprising, and the civil war happened one by one. The Black Death, and the fires and the breakout of the Second World War brought severe damage to this city. However, no matter what adversity it is facing, this city survived. Today, London lost its dominant status in the world, but it is still attracting people from home and abroad.

Many people get to know the tower of London, the St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Buckingham Palace, and the British Museum, even though they have not been to London. I think everyone has a London of their own after visiting this place.

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