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I have tried several facial devices and still have a couple more to do,  but I have been using the Comper Smarkin Beauty Device for a couple of months now and I have to say, this is one of the most comprehensive facial tools I have used.  I received this device complementary for review purposes from Comper. Comper Healthcare was founded in 2014 and is a leading independent designer, manufacturer, and supplier of Smart medical devices.  Recently, they have been developing and launching 6 additional products that can be used for home use.

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Skin Type/Concerns: oily, blemish prone, dehydrated, aging concerns, pores, fine lines/wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation

I received these products complementary to review and was not paid.  All reviews are my own honest opinion and  I never have been asked to write copy for a brand.  This blog post might contain promo codes, affiliate and referral links, which using my links will help generate a small commission that helps support my blog at no extra cost to you.

What is the Comper Smarkin Beauty Device?

Glad you asked, as it can be a bit overwhelming!  This is a 4 in 1 facial device that can be programmed and tailored for your skin type and concerns, via the Comper Health app ~ available for both iPhone or Androids.   What makes this different from the rest is all of the functions and programming ~ I have never used a facial device quite like this!

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LED (Low-Level-Laser Therapy) Phototherapy: Improve your skin condition with  dual-wavelength therapy using 8 red LED (640nm) and 8 near-infrared LED (850nm) which will work together to repair cells, capillaries, balance water & oil facial levels, speed up blemish healing, reduces hyper-pigmentation and heals UV damage. Overall, this treatment will tone and smooth your skin.

EMS: Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) uses low electric currents that passes through your skin and will activate the muscles deep in your face to promote blood circulation, facial li and improves the skin’s contours, fine lines and puffiness.  This treatment helps lift, firm and contour your face. There are 3 EMS levels and it is very strong ~ feels like strong pins and needles, so I do dial down to the first setting

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MASS (Massage): Micro Vibration Massage helps relieve facial fatigue and swelling by producing micro vibrations that boost circulation and also enhance RF, EMS and LED treatments.

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RF: 380mm² Bipolar Ring Radio Frequency helps with winkles, fine lines and sagging skin by using electromagnetic field  to stimulate collagen regeneration, reducing wrinkles, immediate lifting and tightening results .  The large flat electrode rings heat the dermis layer evenly over a larger surface area and there are 3 levels of RF.

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This has a large 54 mm treatment head that can cover more facial area ~ meaning shorter treatment time to get results.

Medical-grade electrode and silicon rubber body are biocompatible and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) cleared so it is safe for your skin. It’s silicon rubber body is easy to clean and it is also waterproof up to the IPx6 specifications

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This is not a rechargeable unit but uses a plug-in design with 24W output power and high 1 millionHz RF frequency produces beauty salon treatments at home.  The plug in design is to prevent battery degradation, but I wish it was portable.  The device has a  continuous use 5 year life span, so I am not worried about battery degradation for a short life span.  This has also been USA FDA,  CFDA (China), CE (Conformité Européenne)  and RoHS certified

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How To Use

Comper Smarkin is the worlds first smart beauty care device, allowing you to put in your skin dossier and taking Doctor Bergman’s 16 skin type test and AI analyzing, you will get a customized skincare routine based on your own skin condition.  Comper uses the term nursing for treatment in this app, so it is a bit confusing as nursing means something else in the USA.  You can select procedures that are already created in the Comper Health App or you can create one of your own!  To create your customized procedure, go to the Comper Health App  and tap on SWITCH to enter the MODE section. Select ADD to create a procedure, then add a new treatment

You can combine RF & LED for anti-aging with phototherapy benefits.  You can choose HIGH intensity to increase the heating on the RF.  Set a time for how long you want the treatment to last, and then save your treatment.  You can then create another treatment ~ maybe combing EMS, MASS and LED to contour, tone and soothe your skin.   You can have up to 4 treatments in one procedure and have up to 3 procedures!

After filling out my skin dossier, I chose one of the procedures that was offered to me based on my skin quiz results.  My procedure consists of 3 treatments, for about 16 ½ minutes.  This procedure focused on all my facial areas: forehead, cheeks,  nasolabial fold, under eyes towards temples, jaw line and neck.

  • Awaking & Uplifting: 3.4 minutes (MASS, RF, LED)
  • Anti-Wrinkle & Repairing: 7.2 minutes  (RF, LED)
  • Lifting & Firming: 5.8 minutes (EMS, LED) 

I am not sure what Reverse Age means.  I need to find out what that means from Comper ~ I am thinking it might be how many days of damage did I reverse by this one treatment?  

 What is nice about using the app, it has both a video guide, but a voice operated guide as well ~ unlike the FOREO app, the AI model and the voice is not irritating at all.   I also like that it clearly states what phase of the procedure you are in, how many minutes into it, how many minutes left and you can even pause the treatment and then resume where you left off.   This is VERY handy!

When you are done with your procedure, the app will show you the benefits of the treatment you just did and you can also access your history of treatments as well.

I find this app to be wonderful, which is surprising as I normally dislike facial device apps.   I am scared that one day the Comper Smarkin App will disappear from the app store ~ this has happened to me with a wonderful moisture/oil device I had and I have never gotten over that.

You can also use your Comper Smarkin device without the app, but the only thing you can control is the intensity ~ it will just cycle through the functions.  And of course, you won’t be able to access your stored procedures.

Now, start your treatment!  First, clean your and dry your face.

Apply HA on the device head ~ Comper sent me their HA (hyaluronic acid)  Essence as it is a fantastic electric conductor  and it will also help keep your skin moisturized during the treatment session.  I also have a mist bottle with some HA toner on hand  to rehydrate my skin while I are doing the treatment. This will help with better gliding, conductivity and less tingling with the EMS steps.

I then select my procedure and off it goes, telling me each step and what to do.  It also has little tips, such as what to do if you lose connection with the smart app, adding more HA on my face, etc.  I just follow it thru and then when the procedure is done, the app gives me all of those stats on my treatment, stores it in the history and tells. me when I should use it again. The app also tells me overall how many minutes I spent on a specific function in this procedure, which is pretty cool!  The LED was on for most of the procedure with RF a close second.

This is such an easy device to use ~ but what about the results, Michele?  Yeah, what about them?  Well, I find that. my skin feels more smooth and looks more brighter after 2 months of usage.  I also noticed that the RF treatment really does work ~ after I complete a treatment with RF, my skin does feel so much more tight.  That is an immediate result, although currently it is temporary.  I also love that this gives my face a healthy glow as well ~ that EMS little pins and needles action deep into my muscles wake up my skin and get that blood pumping!  I do hope with continued use, the results with the tightening, firming and wrinkle reducing will be more permanent.

This is nicely packaged in a black sturdy box, with easy to read instructions, along with the device, a cream pouch for the device and plug in charger.  My only complaint is that it uses a plug in and it is not wireless. 


Comper even put together a little chart with some popular skincare devices to compare.  I will be doing one as well in a few months, as I have devices that aren’t on here as they are newer, such as the FOREO BEAR, Medicube Age-R Ussera Deep Shot, MedicubeAge-R Derma EMS Shot and Tria Beauty SmoothBeauty™ Laser.

Disclaimer:  Do not use the Smarkin device if you have recently had facial surgery or other surgical product; Have implanted electronic devices, such as pacemakers, defibrillators, ECG monitors; have a history of cancer; are pregnant; have plastic braces;  open ulcers or wounds; have rosacea;  have skin problems or sensitive skin; have a history of epilepsy; using an invasive medical equipment ~ such as an insulin pump ~ talk to your doctor first.  Do not use Smarkin device on babies or small children.

Use Smarkin for larger surface areas on the face ~ cheeks, forehead and jawline.  It is not for use over the lips and eyelids.  You can and do use it for under the eye and moving towards the temple but it is not to placed over or above the eyelid.

Where To Purchase

Comper Smarkin Device is available at their website.  It comes in a variety of colors: Blanc (white), Space Gray, Bordeaux (red),   Fuchsia, Blue Azteque and Rose Confetti (pink) and you will get two free HA Essences.  This comes with free shipping and a 1 year warranty.   It is a bit pricy, but considering that you are getting all of these functions in one device, it is more economical to purchase this if you are looking for 2 or more of the functions provided here ~ LED, EMS, MASS or RF.   The Smart App integration is probably the most sophisticated one I have personally experienced with a facial device as well. 

Comper Smarkin 4-in-1 Beauty Device $429.00

Comper also has the next level from the Smarkin, called Smarkin Max and features a RF upgrade, heating up 60% faster, 3 frequency dynamic compound wave, layering the lifting frequency and 2.5 times more LED light energy. This is $489.00 and comes in one color, which is beige and has no extras other than the device. 


[ products received complementary for review purposes only ]


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