Favorite Styles: Comfortable Shapewear to Keep Slim This Season


Adding a shaper to your wardrobe, whether for work, casual wear or exercise, can make a big difference in creating a look you love, that enhances your best features, as well as making you slim and sexy for this new season approaching.

But if you plan to wear your girdle every day, comfort is essential.

So what is the most comfortable strap?

Not everything is created equal. Some straps are ideal for special occasions or other specific outfits, while others are better suited for everyday wear.

There are several resources to look for if comfort is your number one priority when shaping clothes, shaping belts are no different, you should look for the a reliable body shaper.

Shaper Belts come in many styles and cuts that are designed to target different areas of your body. Depending on your body type and shaping needs, you can maximize your comfort by selecting clothes that shape and smooth your figure exactly where you need it, without going overboard.

Here are some favorite styles of straps that are ideal for everyday wear:

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Shaper Panties: You’re going to wear panties anyway, so why not wear some that enhance your figure at the same time? Most shaping panties have a high waistband that uses compression to tuck in your tummy and slim your tummy. Choose a compression level that gives you the modeling power you want.

Some shaping panties also take the opportunity to lift the butt. Many people are surprised by the results and comfort they experience wearing an open-bottomed panty that naturally gives that butt lift.

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Modeling T-shirts: they are essential modeling pieces for your daily attire and are also useful as workwear. Lightweight and soft, they provide a smooth base for a variety of outfits, making them a favorite for layering any season.

The most comfortable shirt style we recommend is open bust, which means it can be matched with the bra of your choice. This allows you to get the support and shaping you need from your bra, paired with the figure-enhancing power of your tank.

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Hip Shapers: If you want a slimmer and smoother look for your hips and thighs, thigh shapers are a must whenever you are wearing skirts, dresses and pants that show your silhouette. Choose a sock shaper with an open bottom, a tighter compression shaper that minimizes your back, or several styles in between, and this shape can be worn as a post surgical compression garment for its warmth and comfort.

The coverage of hip shapers can range from the upper thighs to the knees. The most comfortable style will depend on your personal preference and shaping needs. You are bound to find one you love.

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Shaper Leggings: Stretchy leggings are a must-have item when women want to be comfortable, so shaping leggings is naturally one of the most comfortable shapewear options. We recommend working on them to look great, and of course, they’re also useful for relaxing.

In addition to choosing Strap styles and fabrics that suit your preferences, another way to get used to Straps is to wear them often – so you get used to the feel.

For the best results with high-compression stylers such as Polyamide with Elastane, you may want to use them every day (starting with just an hour or two and increasing the amount of wear per day). After a few weeks, your body will adjust and you will feel comfortable wearing high compression for many hours at a time.

We hope our tips have helped you find the best comfortable waist shaper so you can feel beautiful and sexy every day.

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