How Can You Ensure that a Tungsten Ring is Of Good Quality?

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There is immense popularity for tungsten rings as they all are taking giant strides and are estimated to touch the sky shortly. It implies a wide variety today in the market and more to come shortly. And with the more choices of product, we simply are trying to direct you towards being much more careful and diligent towards the products you intend to buy. 

There are very high chances that any manufacturer or seller might sell you any substandard ring at the cost of the real tungsten ring, and this fraud is inevitable. 

Do you wish to understand the basic knowledge of how to check for the quality of the tungsten ring for yourself or anyone else so that you can avoid the frauds and the imposters? 

What are the materials involved in the making of a tungsten ring? 

Tungsten rings are never really 100% tungsten; rather, you will be surprised to know that they can’t be forged into a proper ring with the perfect Tungsten material. Thus, most of the tungsten rings in real life are tungsten carbide rings. Most of the sellers you will see will mark the tungsten carbide rings as tungsten rings, and this is where you need to question them and check them for the proper security in your heads.

Tungsten carbide, in general, is an alloy, and here comes the need to check about the metal that has been mixed with the tungsten for its proper creation. You should know that the best and the most reliable tungsten carbide can be created when you mix it with carbon, so these are the rings that should always be on your target. 

Cobalt is a cheap material that can use to make tungsten carbide rings. They are well-known to discolour your fingers in a very easy way cheap jewellery that is best to avoid. 

Check for all the basic details. 

If you have made the final purchase of the tungsten ring for you along with an inlay, like any meteorite or any caribou antler, you need to check for all the basic and important details check on the finishing of the ring. A high-quality tungsten ring will have a very seamless look and look as if its inlay is naturally found in itself from the tungsten carbide. You can visit Intellirings to explore some exciting trends.   

Check on the criteria of the cost.

In the introduction part, we just said that several manufacturers might do some frauds when it comes to revealing the actual cost. And this is why the cost factor should not be ignored and is a really good indicator of quality. The tungsten carbide rings that are made with tungsten material and carbon will cost you roughly whole about $190 or more. If you are getting some cheaper rings, then there are possible chances that they all are made up of cobalt or any other material that gives you the best product.  


After all the checkings that you have made successfully and chosen the ring, you wish to purchase. The most important part is to have a questionnaire with the seller to get nothing but the best.