How Eminem’s Daughter Makes Money


Growing her brand. Eminem‘s stunning daughter Hailie Jade Mathers has built a sizable following as a beauty and fashion influencer ever since graduating from college in 2020. She has already amassed an estimated net worth on her own of $2 million, according to Her legendary rapper dad is worth $230 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, but Hailie is forging her own path in life.

What Does Hailie Jade Mathers Do For a Living?

Hailie is an Instagram influencer who focuses on beauty products, makeup tutorials and fashion. She has 2.7 million followers, and proudly shares photos of her outfits, which she styles herself, and how fans can purchase the looks. Hailie is also a fitness fanatic and has shared with followers the exact exercises that have helped her get such a toned body with incredibly sculpted abs.

Does Hailie Jade Have Any Business Partnerships?

She’s a brand partner with Puma and frequently posts photos modeling their women’s sneakers. Gorgeous Hailie also reps for Garnier USA. She shared her love of their Fructis Glass Hair Water in a May 19 Instagram video while working on her brunette locks and displaying in the end how the product “leaves my hair smooth & shiny.” In addition to fashion and beauty goods, Hailie is a partner with Chateau St. Michelle wines, where she promoted the beverage in 2021 holiday photos.

Hailie Jade Is Launching a Podcast

While fans get to see Hailie on a regular basis, they’re finally going to hear her voice as well. She announced on July 12, 2022, that she’s starting a podcast called “Just a Little Shady,” which seems to be a nod to her dad’s nickname, Slim Shady. 

“This project has been in the works for a while & I’m so excited for the first episode to be launching!!” Hailie wrote in the caption, adding, “Follow the @justalittleshadypodcast Instagram & subscribe to the youtube channel (link in bio) to be the first to see a sneak peak & hear what me & my cohost @britednie will be talking about.” Next to it was a photo of Hailie sitting on set with a microphone, headphones, the podcast’s name on the wall behind her in white fluorescent lighting and sitting in a comfy white chair. 

On the podcast’s Instagram page, the bio reads, “Let’s talk about my life, pop culture & get a little shady.” Without any content posted, the page already has 44,000 followers, while the YouTube account has more than 8,500 subscribers.

Hailie Is Expanding Her Brand Into Clothing and Skincare Products

She trademarked the entertainment brand Hailie Jade, LLC in 2019, according to online records accessed by Life & Style. Hailie plans to sell clothing and “non-medicated skincare preparations,” as well as “dresses, hats, shirts and clothing jackets,” bearing her brand’s name.


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