How to Negotiate on Your Engagement Ring?


So, you have started your quest for the best engagement ring. You have found a magnificent statement piece, but the price is a little above your finances.

Negotiating with your jeweler for a superior rate is an simple resolution to this problem. But is this regular exercise? Will the jeweler be offended? And how do you even go about it?

I have been selling jewellery (specifically unusual and classic) for decades, and in this post, I’ll reveal all the insider secrets and techniques on negotiating for a better price tag on your jewellery.

Is it Rude to Negotiate on an Engagement Ring?

Afshin Negotiating prices on vintage ring at estate diamond jewelry showroom

I’m satisfied to inform you that the reply is no.

It is in fact fully proper to negotiate the price tag of any piece of jewelry. Jewelers know this and will be expecting it.

That remaining stated, it is critical to observe that the commercial jewelry chain outlets (and brand identify jewelry outlets) will practically always straight away shoot down your negotiating attempts. They have set (and hefty inflated) prices and they have no intention of heading down even a minor.

Smaller sized boutiques and on line web-sites, on the other hand, will pretty much always be totally open to a small haggling.

Our business, Estate Diamond Jewellery, for case in point, has been in enterprise for above 40 several years and has one of the most significant collections of classic rings in the entire world, and but we nevertheless function with each individual of our shoppers to discover a price tag that will work for them. Negotiations are a portion of our working day-to-day.

The critical essential for prospects to master is how to negotiate and what not to say or do.

Leading Insider Secrets on Negotiating Your Engagement Ring Price

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Below are my prime hacks on how to enable you negotiate like a professional when shopping for an engagement ring.

1. Obtain a Promo Code

This is the best and most productive procedure for scoring oneself a greater cost.

Jewellery suppliers (specially on the web jewelry shops) operate reductions and promotions all the time. These promotions will generally array from 5% to 10%.

Look for their web site, social media platforms, and email lists for their latest promo code. Even if the code has now expired, you can generally inquire if they’re keen to prolong it for you.

Possibilities are — if you check with properly — the jewelry shop will concur to implement the discount.

Specialist Idea: Use a internet site like to uncover promo codes for your ideal engagement ring shop.

2. Figure out a Fantastic Cost to Commence Off Negotiations

Let’s say you can not uncover any promo codes or the promo codes are for a 5% price reduction or significantly less? In that scenario, you may want to try negotiating the price tag.

Once you settled on a ring, just take a seem at the rate and determine how a lot you can fairly counteroffer.

The greatest slip-up when negotiating for an engagement ring is by setting up off on the wrong sum.

If a diamond ring is detailed on line for $1,800 — for example — and you simply call them up and counter-present to get it for $500, not only will they reject your present straight out, but they’ll also be reluctant to carry on the conversation. Most jewelers will simply dismiss you as not serious — rightfully so — and you will miss your opportunity at acquiring a good discounted.

The trick is to pick a commencing selection that is somewhere all around 20% off the retail price. Utilizing the above example, I would recommend supplying $1,440 for a $1,800 ring.

By the time you and the jeweler finish counter-presenting, you can hope to land your self a sweet 8% — 10% price reduction.

3. Hardly ever At any time Get Confrontational When Bargaining

A single of the major issues that clients make when negotiating is considering that “being tough” will get them a much better deal.

As an individual who has been in this company for many years, I can assure you that confrontational bargainers in no way get the greatest selling prices. In simple fact, they persistently get a significantly worse offer than the straightforward-likely buyers.

Let me describe.

For most jewelers, their margin of gain on every ring (once you aspect in all their overhead expenses as properly) won’t be much too remarkable.

They will always be prepared to push themselves to make a sale, but they won’t be keen to drop way too significantly funds in order to make it occur.

If you threaten to wander absent except you get your preferred offer, the jeweler will immediately get rid of curiosity. And if you’re impolite, angry, or aggressive about it, he may perhaps even nudge you in the direction of the door with a tiny assistance from the stability guard.

In short, the minute that the negotiations get even a bit hostile or threatening in any way, the jeweler will emotionally shut down. He’ll possibly give a tiny low cost and simply call it a working day, or he’ll keep onto the ring and wait for a much better client.

If you want to understand how to deal successfully with out staying hostile, skip to variety 9.

4. Don’t Tumble for the To start with “Discount”

Say you enter a keep and slender down your options to two rings. You appreciate them both of those, and you ask about the selling price. The seller tells you that the selling price is generally this, but they can offer you the ring at a reduced price. You believe you’ve just obtained a price cut, but the truth is, you have no strategy if the price they provided is really the least expensive they can go.

So, never say of course straight away to this “lowered” price, hold carefully negotiating and see if you can get an even greater deal. So prolonged as you are respectful and courteous, the jewellery shop will want to make you joyful.

If a gentle nudging doesn’t get you a much better price tag, you have in all probability strike their cheapest selling price.

5. Never Volunteer to Disclose Your Budget

If you’re likely to pay a visit to a jewelry retail store in man or woman, really don’t give absent the precise price tag that you are eager to spend the second you walk in. Give the jeweler an total ballpark figure and request to see a few alternatives within just that general price bracket.

In some cases, the jeweler may well at some point request you straight for your precise spending budget, and if they do you have no option but to be upfront.

Even if the jeweler discovers your correct spending budget, and then you end up falling in appreciate with a ring that is a great deal extra economical, you can nevertheless ask for a better price tag. If you set in your ask for kindly, the jeweler will probable continue to give you a low cost.

On this take note, continue to keep in brain that providing a deceptive or incorrect budget sum (will squander everyone’s time, and) usually backfires as quickly as the jeweler realizes that they’ve been misled.

7. Perform with Your Partner

If you’re obtaining a ring with each other, which lots of couples do nowadays, make sure you’re on the very same web page.

Agree on a price range, determine irrespective of whether you are eager to extend the spending plan, and in which situations, and concur on the goal of your visit — is it to make a remaining conclusion, or is it the very first vacation of numerous?

As soon as you uncover a ring you are established on, it is a very good plan for 1 of you to keep the enjoyment contained and not give away what you are truly contemplating to the vendor. If they assume that you are both of those totally offered on a specific ring at the latest price tag, it is not likely they’re heading to offer you their finest lower price.

In limited, one of you should really participate in “good cop” (see beneath) and the other “bad cop”. Of system, the “bad cop” can’t basically be unpleasant or rude, or else the full offer will fall aside.

If you haven’t calculated your spending plan however, try out our engagement ring calculator. It will give you a mathematical figure for how considerably you may want to spend.

Of system, it really should be noted that no a single should really ever set them selves less than economical strain in get to pay out for their engagement ring. That is in no way a good strategy and usually results in further difficulties.

8. Give Your self an Educational Edge

An additional terrific way to impress the jeweler and leverage you to an a lot easier negotiation is to review every little thing that there is to know about diamonds and engagement rings, in particular in just the specialized niche that you’re exploring.

If you’re interested — for example — in vintage rings, I would propose paying a great deal of time on a vintage jewellery weblog (like this one) and getting an specialist on the subject.

The jeweler will ordinarily be impressed by your information and will be significantly keener to negotiate favorably with you.

Of class, do not leverage your information to try out to “lecture” or “educate” the jeweler. That will not operate out well when hoping to coax a price cut out of him.

9. Praise (and Never ever Criticize) the Ring

Typical bargaining wisdom would inform you that the far more you criticize the ring, the better price reduction you will get.

Believe in me. This is 100% mistaken.

Jewelers are proud and vain. If you insult a ring that they made, curated, or gathered they are most likely to get defensive truly quickly. If a person dissed one particular of the scarce classic rings from my collection, I would test my ideal to be well mannered, but I would likely be a bit insulted.

But which is not all undesirable news, mainly because on the flip facet, if the jeweler sees that the consumer has fallen in really like with 1 of their rings, they will bend over backward to aid the buyer stroll away with their “dream ring”.

Jewelers (and jewelry collectors) are artists. They’d usually fairly offer to a customer who appreciates their art than to a consumer who could not treatment less.

Not always. But generally.

In Conclusion

Tray of Diamond Engagement Rings in Showroom

Be well mannered and upfront with your jeweler, and they will commonly prolong themselves to make you delighted when you request if you can get a far better price tag.

It’s genuinely that straightforward.


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