Injured in a retail store in Toledo? Follow these steps

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All businesses and commercial property owners owe a “duty of care” to visitors and are required to keep the premises safe. Unfortunately, negligence is far too common. If you were injured in Toledo while shopping or visiting a retail store, you should take immediate steps to protect your rights. You could have a valid premise liability case. We have enlisted four key steps that you must follow. 

  1. Get medical attention. No matter how minor your injuries may seem, you need to seek medical attention. If your injuries are not severe and there is no need for emergency care, you should still meet an injury doctor without further delay for an assessment. Right after the fall, your adrenaline is high, and therefore, you may not feel extreme pain. For your physical recovery, medical care is necessary. Keep a file of your bills and other expenses. 
  2. Take photos. If you are physically okay, you should consider taking photos of the accident scene. Winning a premises liability claim can be extremely difficult as you must prove that the store management or the property owner was negligent, which led to the accident. It would be much harder to find evidence later. 
  3. Note key details. It is very usual for people to forget key details of the accident later. Take a pad and write down all you can remember. How did the accident happen? Did you take preventive measures to avoid the accident? Did the store have a video surveillance system in that area? Were there witnesses to the accident? 
  4. Report the accident. Do not delay informing the commercial property owner about the accident. If you don’t have all the details right away, it is okay, but let the supervisor know that the accident happened. Also, do mention that you were injured and are seeking medical care. 
  5. Call a lawyer. As we mentioned, winning a premises liability case won’t be easy, and it is in your best interests that you call an attorney. Your lawyer will ensure that you get the best possible support and have the legal expertise to fight the battle. Lawyers are also experienced in negotiating with insurance companies and know what it takes to get a settlement. You can be assured that your attorney wouldn’t settle for less. 

You have a two-year deadline in Ohio for all premises liability cases. Consider seeking legal help right away for the case.