Last Week’s $72 Kroger Shopping Trip (+ what we ate)


I went to Kroger on Friday and picked up some terrific offers! My total was $72 for all the groceries revealed over.

Sugar was on sale for $1.27/bag with the electronic coupon. Potatoes were on sale for $1.77/bag with the electronic coupon. And nectarines and peaches were being just $.97/lb once more.

The Basically Steam veggies are just $.99 every single with the digital coupon. And I splurged and got a roast that was marked down to $10!

I was excited about these pizzas to stick in the freezer for easy week night time dinners!

Have you at any time viewed or tried using these berries just before?? Are they any good? I noticed them at the retailer (I do not remember ever looking at them ahead of!) and they seemed like strawberries that did not ripen!

I experienced gotten some tomato soup marked down a few months ago, we had bread and heaps of cheese, so we did grilled cheese and tomato soup and it was a strike.

Some of you recommended generating the Irish Soda Bread into French Toast. Given that we had gotten all those eggs marked down, it was the perfect 7 days to consider that. It was yummy!

Silas produced steaks for us one night. He loves to enjoy cooking reveals and built his very own marinade. They have been so delightful!

If you’ve been pursuing for a long time, I guess you can guess what we’re utilizing these elements for for evening meal tonight! (Here’s a hint.)


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