Makeup Maven Mei Pang on Self Love and Sobriety


Nevertheless Mei Pang’s unconventional look might be a head turner, she feels perfectly at household. Her internal peace is inextricably intertwined with her means to express herself. If just about anything, she’s perpetually trying to find a way to degree up. “I get a handful of negative feedback on social media from the way I search, either for the reason that of my bald head or my tattoos. But I convey to everyone that I experience ordinary, I truly feel normal and I truly feel so cozy within myself. Considering the fact that discovering the way I seem, it is offered me so a great deal comfortability and so a lot assurance that it presents me that jumping off place to go ridiculous with my makeup. I’m so secure with myself that I’m like, ‘Okay, like what’s next? How can I go balls to the wall?’” This desire for non-conformity was specifically at odds with her far more classic household qualifications. “My loved ones immigrated to Canada from Malaysia and in Malaysia, it’s really a conservative region. It’s a conservative place position blank interval, primarily with seems to be. And so when I commenced having tattoos and when I began shaving all my hair off, I unquestionably bought a ton of backlash from my relatives. But I slowly and gradually understood that it’s just their preconceived idea. It’s just from exactly where they’re from. It takes a even though for people to get utilized to it.”

Her tattoos are simply just a synopsis of the self, a singular component of who she is. You have to go further to genuinely study the internet pages. “It’s a sneak peek into my lifestyle. My father generally advised me, ‘Try every little thing once. If it sticks, it sticks. If it doesn’t, at minimum you tried out.’ And so make-up is undoubtedly a massive component of my lifestyle. Particularly considering the fact that I’ve arrive from an arts background. I went to art college. (Did I graduate? Definitely not.) It’s a main component of my identification, but it’s a slice of it, I would say. I do yoga. There’s my gardening. I knit fairly a little bit. I commenced getting a passion back for my Activity Boy Progress games. You seem into me, but you never see all of me with my make-up and my artwork.” Immediately after shelling out substantially of her daily life feeling out of spot, Mei eventually stumbled upon a haven of self expression in social media. “I grew up in a smaller town outside of Toronto and back in the day there, I was just one of the quite, quite couple folks of color. I grew up in this city and I grew up thinking, ‘I need to in good shape in. I require to improve my hair out super lengthy. I will need to obtain these apparel. I require to adjust up my look in this way, place on tons of mascara, dye my hair blonde. I will need to do all of that.’ And I felt so awkward all through those people many years of me hoping to in good shape in. When the world-wide-web happened and Tumblr and MySpace and social media exactly where you can begin to see distinct sections of the planet and see how diverse people convey on their own, that gave me the self-confidence to try out some thing distinct, to reduce off all my hair to not give into those people benchmarks of elegance. And I can say with a hundred percent assurance that the way I glance suitable now is the way I was supposed to glance. I feel beautiful and self-assured the way I am since I’ve tried using every thing and this is the just one that caught. Viewing persons like Rick Genest (Zombie Boy) and observing him just stay his fullest truth and continue to be effective gave me the self esteem to go back again down that pathway.”

Inspite of this newfound freedom, her life was in deep disarray because of to her liquor dependency. Deciding on sobriety despatched her in an completely new and constructive way. “Back when I had a drinking difficulty, my schedule was turned correct on its head simply because I was a get together lady. You know, you go out at 10, you do not appear household until finally seven in the morning. You sleep the whole day and then you wake up hungover and you don’t do something for the reason that you’re hungover. So I experience like sobriety has transformed my everyday living in a way wherever I have reclaimed my time back. I wake up at like 5 in the morning. Now I do my make-up. I’m feeling new and energized each individual single working day, which is such a blessing, especially the place my life 3 years back was so chaotic. With the trouble that I experienced, I would black out really normally. And so my initially times in the morning were tension and panic. Worrying ‘What have I explained to these people today? What did I textual content? Did I make any one upset?’ Now I can wake up peaceful and I can wake up happy knowing that I did not piss any one off or I did not do nearly anything embarrassing. And I have all this time to go and perform on my make-up and have a clearer head carrying out my makeup rather than it currently being a chore.” Her creative imagination is a single incentive for her to keep sober. “Sobriety has provided me my job basically. It’s specified me my wellbeing again as well. I was not in a great area well being sensible when I was drinking. Drinking two bottles of wine at evening absolutely did a good deal to my innards and my outside way too. it took this sort of a toll on my body. Now becoming sober for 3 years, I just sense so at ease in myself and I feel alive. It is cliche, but I genuinely do. I am a incredibly aggressive particular person and I check out to outdo myself constantly. I try to see how much I can just take it. I’ve observed what sobriety has done for me. I normally want to thrust that. I’m consistently reminding myself, ‘I’ve produced it this considerably, let us do a person much more working day of currently being sober.’ And then for my make-up, I consider, ‘I’m sober. Let us do it, let’s make it even bigger.’ It is undoubtedly related.”

Mei is self-confident big changes are in her in the vicinity of long term. “I imagine this is not my remaining sort. I usually say I’m constantly evolving. I’m normally seeking something new. My father was the biggest motivator in just making an attempt a little something new. He threw me into multiple sports and multiple things to do due to the fact he just wanted me to find my factor. I’ve used that to my daily life as an adult. I consider on various outfits. I check out diverse designs. I get a lot more tattoos and much more and far more and much more tattoos. The more I try, I experience both significantly less or extra protected with myself. And that assists me with my later daily life.” She cradles her mom and dad close to her coronary heart. “My dad’s my finest friend. Minus the tattoos and bald head, I’m the spitting graphic of him. My mom is also a job product in my lifestyle. They immigrated to Canada with not a great deal of cash, no career, no nothing at all. And they are very productive human beings now where that just presents me the enthusiasm to be like that. But in my personal way.”

She embraces larger enjoy, far too, proudly figuring out as pansexual.”I realized that I was captivated to every person at a very youthful age. Shout out all women faculty! To me, it was such a great feeling. I imagined, ‘Oh my gosh, I can adore anybody and they can appreciate me back. Wow.’ It was a comforting feeling. It’s a liberating feeling. it’s just a aspect of my identification the place I really don’t truly feel any much more exclusive or any a lot more distinct than any person.” The community has been a resource of affectionate help and reeducation for her. “My closest close friends and my circle are LGBTQIA+. They have taught me so considerably, so I’m continuously studying and I’m continuously expanding and evolving and instructing myself points and unlearning factors. I try out to give back in conditions of social media, placing far more of my identity out there to assistance possibly inspire people or just to notify folks about myself and what that full earth implies to me.” 

As you could possibly be expecting, Mei is keen to take entire edge of the relaxation of the genuine estate her overall body has to offer you. It is the purest expression of joy and contentment and testament to how snug she is in her possess pores and skin – actually. “For my make-up, my plan is to just go greater and bolder with it, which I’m not confident how I’m likely to do, because my deal with is only so significant, but I’ll figure it out. I always do. I program on commencing my leg tattoos. I want to get thoroughly tattooed minus my facial area. I want to just protect my full body at this issue. I’m just so pleased with in which I am and what I’m doing. So hopefully in the foreseeable future, I’m performing the very same matter.” The environment can normally stand to be a minimal brighter with a bolder Mei. 

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Makeup Maven Mei Pang on Self Adore and Sobriety. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Mei Pang and Sacha Cohen.


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