Mens Diamond Wedding Rings – How it Began


Over a hundred years back, the concept of mens diamond wedding ring did not exist. In fact, only women were given wedding bands as a symbol of them having found their companion. It was also a status symbol of the power of owning property in the Victorian times. But towards the final years of the 19th Century, the Western community saw the break of double wedding rings, thanks to the marketing efforts of the jewelry industry.

The actual boom in use of double wedding ring started in the 50’s when men started to wear not only bands of gold, platinum, white gold or silver, but also wedding rings with actual diamonds on them. To assist this growing custom, it was also in the 50’s that the Western civilization experienced an economic boom that increased income to be allocated for jewelry. Thus, the popularization of mens diamond wedding rings.

Double wedding ring, or “his and her” wedding rings are very common nowadays. The only problem is that some men are not very comfortable wearing any jewelry, with them having the feeling that a “girly trinket” lessens their “manliness”. However, designers are very much aware of the differences in tastes of men and women, which is why wedding rings are crafted in such a way that they are similar to look at, but still suit the gender of the person wearing the ring.

Like it or not, diamond rings for men are here to stay. It is customary to exchange rings now in marriage ceremonies even. So if you are a man about to get married, might as well make the most of this tradition and find a design that will fit you well.

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