Mumbai Travel Guide

Many books have been written, many tales told and songs composed on Mumbai, a city that pauses for breath, but never sleeps! Located on the western coast of India, Mumbai has a lot to offer as a colorful travel destination. Life for every ‘Mumbaikar’ is on a fast pace. From the glitz and glamour of Bollywood to the magnificent shopping malls in and around Colaba causeway, from the dhobiwallahs or the laundry cleaners to The Tea Centre at Churchgate, from the Marine Drive to the fashion Street, Mumbai has anything and everything you can ask for to enjoy a dream holiday! Mumbai Travel Guide will take you in and around the city on your vacation this time!

Abundance set against deprivation! Vibrancy juxtaposed against economic squalor! A city of plentiful opportunities; people from all across the country come to live the Mumbai dream! Here you will find sprawling shopping complexes boasting of nothing but the best brands, hordes of people teeming up on the beach at Chowpatty for a delicious treat of Bhelpuri. This is the place where you can still spot red double-decker buses attempting to make a conspicuous headway during traffic jams. Last but not the least; Mumbai is home to the Film city or the more renowned Bollywood. It is an idea which has taken shape over years by the cinema buffs, flocking to this place to catch a glimpse of their favorite star.

In spite of adopting modern elements fast, Mumbai has retained its traditional fervor. Several places in Mumbai exude a Victorian charm, reminding you of the life and times of the colonial industrial city of the 19th century. Located by the Arabian Sea, Mumbai is a city of the youth’s rain drenched fantasies. With several streets crisscrossing, the finest nightlife destinations and a number of traditional bazaars, Mumbai is a hotspot for tourists and travelers.

With a population of over 16,400,000, Mumbai is home to several ethnic groups speaking Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Tamil, Bengali, Kashmiri, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu and Kannada amongst others.

You must gather tourist information on the city prior to your visit. The travel guide on the city gives you a fair idea about the best time to visit. You can plan your trip to the city especially during the months of September and April, when the weather remains cool. Rain gods are unkind during the period from June to September, when the situation becomes complete mayhem!

Sightseeing is an essential part of your Mumbai tour. Keep some time in your hands as there are plenty of sightseeing spots you must watch. You cannot afford to miss any. The Marine Drive, the Prince of Wales Museum, The Victoria Terminus, Chowpatty Beach, the Gateway of India, the Haji Ali Mosque, the Malabar Hill and the Mumbai Zoo form a part of the quintessential Mumbai experience!

Home to a host of bazaars alongside glitzy shopping malls, Mumbai is a dream for every shopaholic. Bhuleshwar Market, Chor Bazaar, Crawford Market, Fashion Street Market and Uttar Pradesh Handicrafts Museum are some of the popular shopping destinations.

Mumbai boasts of the most vibrant nightlife of the country. The Clubbing community and the party hoppers throng the newly established brand Hard Rock Café and Firangi Paani. You will simply love it!

Accommodation should not at all be a cause for concern. A range of 5 star to mid range hotels are scattered all over Mumbai. Well connected by buses, trains and airplanes, Mumbai can be conveniently reached from any part of the country. Head for Mumbai and live an incomparable experience!

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