Situated on the West of St.Julian’s, Malta, an informal district has been christened as Paciville. The exact location of Paciville is between Spinola point and Dragonara point. This is basically a resort town and has the largest concentration of bars, clubs, and restaurants. This particular part of Malta is well connected by busses It is only 7 kms from the airport.

Sight seeing

Paceville is without doubt, the center of nightlife for young Maltese men and women and for the visitors as well. Paceville doesn’t have much to offer.

  • There’s only a small beach a short walk away. This beach is located on St.George’s bay.
  • Portomaso marina is a brand new harbor. There are about three to four levels between the street level and the marina and the sea. The Hilton hotel overlooks the harbor. One can reach the harbor side or other levels using the steeper steps or elevators.
  • Dragonara point is a great place to be in. The Dragonara palace was originally built for summer residence. In the year 1964, the palace was converted to a casino. It was renovated in the year One thing is for sure that, the people on this island are more than weekend warriors when it comes to partying. That’s why there are so many casinos on this island.

Restaurants and Shopping

One thing is for sure, that there is no shortage of restaurants in Paceville. One can get plenty of fast food restaurants around here. The side streets offer some of the more specialized restaurants. Prices vary from one place to the other. Restaurants and places to shop can be found in the Bay St center. There are small food and drink supermarkets along the side streets. There are also fashion shops in these side streets.

Cinemas and Entertainment

If you are of a calm personality and don’t like that much partying, then you can think of the movies. Paceville has a couple of movie theaters to go to. You can check out the Eden century cinema or the IMAX Vodafone Theater. The IMAX theater is pretty impressive, and it will make you feel like you are a part of the action.

If you are not a movie buff either, you can check out the bowling alley. The Eden Super Bowl is fully air conditioned, computerized Tepin bowling center and offers fun bowling to the crowd. National bowling leagues hold their national and international bowling competitions here.

If you are wondering where you are going to stay, there’s plenty of hotels to choose from. Most of these hotels in Paceville are 3 stars to 5 stars. Corinthia San Gorg Hotel Malta, Hilton Malta Hotel, InterContinental.

So the next time you are planning a vacation, you should drop by and check out the scenic vistas of Paceville and do some hardcore partying with the Maltese residents Hotel Malta are just to name a few hotels. With Paceville being a vibrant place, you wont be let down. You can easily mingle with the youngsters of the area and have a gala time. In Paceville, time will fly by so quick that you won’t have a clue.

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