Sexy Nurse Costume – Fancy Dress Costume


If you are looking for a way to sizzle in a costume party or on a Halloween night party then there is nothing better than a sexy nurse costume. This costume has been voted as one of the sexiest and most attractive women costume which men happen to love. With proper accessories and a bit of mischievous attitude you can really be the centre of attraction in any party. Here is a complete guide on you can make a sexy nurse costume without spending huge amounts of money.

The first thing needed for this particular costume is the good old nurse uniform. You can purchase a second hand nurse costume from any store or if you happen to have a friend who is a nurse you can just borrow an old uniform. You need to remember that for the nurse costume you cannot use the scrubs which the modern day nursing staffs wear around the hospital. It has to be the old fashion uniform. If you are buying the uniform make sure you buy the size which fits you perfectly, you should never buy a loose uniform remember, you are not gone wear this dress forever it is just for occasional parties.

A sexy outfit would be the one which fits snugly on your body enhancing your curves. Now that you have the uniform you can begin with alterations, if you really want a foxy look then you should consider bringing the skirt up as short as possible.

If you are not so good with sewing then the best thing to do is pay for seamstress. The charges are very reasonable and it is worth if you are planning to look good. Now that you have your uniform ready you can start collecting the accessories. One of the most important parts of a sexy nurse costume is the nurse hat. You can purchase a plastic nurse hat from any costume store. You can either go for a white hat or red hat, my advice white hat always has that additional sex appeal so purchase a good white hat which goes well with your white costume. Apart from hat you could also buy a pair of white lace gloves, this is optional if you do not have it then don’t sweat it but if you can get one then it certainly will make you stand out in the crowd. Lastly but not the least a good high healed white shoes along with white stockings. You can go for plain stockings are some designed one but make sure it is white.

Now that you have your sexy nurse costume ready, all you need is a good make up and a little bit flirty attitude to make you the most sought out nurse in the entire party.

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