May 20, 2022


Start the Fashion

The Fashion Issue Spring ’22: Fashion Stories


Issue Editors: Mason Leath and Mason Stempel
Challenge Contributors: Adriana Guzman, Clayton Kincaide, James Pocchia, Haley Resnick, Ishaan Rai, Sofia Wills
Style Team: Noa Bronicki, Tim Goh, Allie Yi, Natasha Leong and Sophie Liu

In this year’s Style Situation, Georgetown College pupils explain to the story of the campus neighborhood by clothes or components that are significant to them. Working with manner as a variety of individual expression, this selection shares the tales and histories of Georgetown’s scholar system.

Thinking Thrifty: How Secondhand Retailers Contribute to Georgetown Scholar Style

For Ana Cajina, supervisor of area consignment store Frugalista in Columbia Heights, the COVID-19 pandemic brought an influx of a new buyer demographic: higher education college students.

“I …

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