The History Of Bench – The Makers Of Bench Watches


Bench have been producing fashion items and clothing for just over twenty years from their head offices in Manchester, England, and have recently dipped into the market of time keeping, producing Bench watches. However they are first and foremost a producer of urban fashion, and this is where they started. At first Bench were manufacturing specialist t-shirts and hoodies for skaters and streetwise bikers, and received good success in doing so. What probably made Bench attractive was their blend of urban British designs fused with worldwide cultural inspirations, making Bench products very unique.

However, Bench did not become big news until the mid 90’s, where they benefited greatly from the emergence of the Brit Pop scene in the UK. The leading bands in the scene were often wearing Bench garments on stage and during interviews, and with this then filtering down to their fans who want to look like their stars, the sales went through the roof and Bench was a known brand to many. Bench was a very suitable brand for that scene as it was urban and very English looking, and they have also had great results with the clubbing scene and the people within it.

Using this new fame as a springboard, and also the money they made from the sales during this time period, Bench then looked to the future and decided they needed to push their image out further than the shores of the UK. They signed up to sponsor a number of music related festivals and events in the UK and across Europe such as Snowbombing that combines live bands and extreme winter sports. There were and still are a number of Bench sponsored events where the people attending will fit into Bench’s demographic. By doing this Bench becomes more and more well known, increasing sales all over the world.

To back up this strategy of an increasing face across the world, Bench went ahead and opened up a number of exclusive stores and stalls across the planet in cities and shopping centres. The first one came in 2006 in Berlin, quickly followed by a number of stores in the UK and now there are many stores all over the world and on most continents!

Finally, the last part of Bench’s strategy to take things to the next level was to branch out into selling accessories and merchandising all sorts of items that consumers will either need or want, of course with the Bench brand logo on. Doing this is almost a form of free advertising on the streets, and provides even more income from the sales of such items. Perhaps one of their most successful accessories has been their Bench watches. They have become one of the most wanted items on shopping lists and is down to Bench being able to transfer the same style and design that made their clothing popular into their watches. Double that with the fact their product range is so wide and vast and they have made fantastic progress with their watches.

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