Top 10 Women’s Necklaces & Pendants – Christmas Gifts Guide For 2008 – Get Best Xmas Presents Now


Necklaces and pendants are one of the earliest accessories to have ever existed. They were there at the start of human civilization and have maintained their fashion status even at the present. They, too, have evolved from the crude rock and twine to today’s dazzling versions. This holiday season, no woman could ever say “no” to one of fashion accessory’s most potent facet. And if you are worried over getting that perfect gift for your loved one this Christmas, you can worry no more. Here is a list of the Top 10 Necklaces and Pendants, your ticket to finding the best jewelry Christmas gifts for 2008. Enjoy!

1. Journey Curve Diamond Pendant – This pendant is the embodiment of what’s classy and what’s sexy. Seven small diamond stones are set an S-like frame. You can choose between a radiant 14K yellow-gold or an elegant white-gold finish. It also comes with an 18-inch box-type chain.

2. Karat Platinum Floating Heart Pendant – Now she’ll always have your heart. Well, in a.585 PT version, that is. Sixteen millimeters in height and fifteen millimeters in width, this little charm is sweet in the girlish heart design, but sexy at the same time with the slightly lopsided shape it takes. It likewise comes with a karat platinum chain and the standard regal blue sueded-cloth pouch.

3. Glass Heart Pendant – The garnet glass heart (in red, of course) lies partially encased in intertwined curves and swirls of sterling silver marcasite. The pendant hangs from an 18-inch Singapore twist chain. There are a million ways to show your love. And this glass heart pendant is one memorable way to show yours.

4. Filigree Circle Pendant – Looking for something exotic, funky, but classy at the same time? Well, this filigree pendant ought to do the trick. Constructed from sterling silver, this pendant shows off an intricate intertwining of lines and curves, an interesting and eye-catching piece of art. It includes an 18-inch matching sterling silver chain.

5. Diamond Cat Pendant – Is she a cat-lover? Then she’ll sure love this piece. This pendant uses 65 diamond stone pieces to form a cat’s silhoutte that comes complete with rose gold whiskers and kitty collar. The charming piece that it is, would absolutely be a hit to cats and feline lovers alike.

6. Diamond-Cut Chain Necklace – Simple. Elegant. That is this diamond-cut chain necklace. Made from genuine 14K yellow-gold chain, this piece is for the minimalists who opt for lowkey accessories. This Espiga-chain type necklace best exemplifies that sometimes, less is more.

7. Double Flower Pendant – Nothing says delicate beauty more than a flower. And this double flower pendant crafted from pure sterling silver would be a great addition to the jewelry collection of your delicately beautiful loved one. It comes with a choice of 16-inch or 18-inch sterling silver curb chain.

8. Infinity Pendant – How do you say “forever?” Well, with diamonds and an infinity pendant, of course. Fifty diamond and black diamond stones are arranged as intertwined curves in this one-of-a-kind piece. It hangs from a white gold 18-inch rope chain and comes inside a regal blue cloth box.

9. Pearl Necklace – From the Augustina Jewelry line comes 70 6mm white Akoya Saltwater cultured pearls strung up into this 18-inch neck piece. You can never go wrong with pearl necklaces. They’re classic, they’re elegant, they look good on anyone and can make anyone look good as well.

10. Butterfly Pendant – This enchanting piece is constructed from pure 14K white-gold and shaped into a delicate butterfly. Strategic curves, along with diamonds, accent the entire design. This comes with matching white gold rope chain.

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