Victoria Beckham’s New Makeup-Free Selfie Is Truly Mind-Blowing — Photo and Video


If you observe any celebs on Instagram who take place to personal magnificence models, you know you can assume some of their posts to be about their individual merchandise. Duh. Victoria Beckham is one particular of these celebrities, and on Thursday, she shared a movie and selfie to assist advertise her hottest start, the Prompt Brightening Waterline Pencil. However, the not-so-evil genius that is Posh Spice arguably did a significantly much better position advertising her pores and skin-treatment merchandise, because her make-up-free of charge encounter is positively flawless.

In a selfie online video seemingly shot in a rustic-chic bedroom, Beckham tells viewers that she just woke up immediately after a late night entire of purple wine. “I have no make-up on at all,” she states, which is really considerably a report-scratch second. Her lengthy lashes could be stated by extensions and her pristine brows by microblading, positive, but that pores and skin! It is subsequent-degree ideal. 

“The initially issue I am likely to do is apply my Instant Brightening Waterline Pencil. I am gonna put this alongside the within element of my eye for the reason that what it does is take any redness that I may possibly have in my eyes — and there’s pretty a ton in there this morning — and it is gonna open, it can be gonna refresh, and it’s gonna make me search substantially better.” Um, I am not solely certain how it truly is probable to search appreciably far better than she presently does.

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