What Are the Differences Between Pandora and Trollbeads Jewelry?


Also, are these two brands compatible with each other?

I thought that I’d answer a couple of questions that I’m often asked. Trollbeads and Pandora brand charms are made by two completely different companies. Of the two companies, Trollbeads is the oldest.  Trollbeads jewelry products have a chain that is a little thinner than Pandora brand chains. You will also find that Trollbeads products are also different in the way the charms attach to the bracelets or necklaces.

For Pandora Jewelry brand chains, there is a special threaded end. Each charm is also threaded on the inside. To add more charms to a Pandora bracelet, you need to twist the bead charm onto the bracelet or necklace. Pandora jewelry products are made this way, so their charms won’t accidentally slide off. I think this is quite a smart idea, because when you are adding or changing charms, it would be easy to accidentally drop a few.

For Trollbeads chains there is no threading and the beads and charms just slide on and off the bracelet. When I first got into this “hobby of charm bracelets,” Pandora was the first bracelet that I bought. (It is a little more well known here in the United States.) Pandora’s bracelets are quite study and thick. However, when I bought my second charm bracelet it was a Trollbeads bracelet, and I really enjoyed the flexibility of their bracelet. The Trollbeads bracelet chain was also made of high quality craftsmanship. I also enjoyed the way it flowed and draped on my wrist and I thought it was really comfortable to wear. So you will find there are positive points to both brands.

Now, to answer another question. Are Trollbeads and Pandora brands compatible with each other? Well, the quick answer is that all Pandora charms or beads will slide onto a Trollbeads bracelet or necklace. Trollbeads charms and beads will not fit Pandora Jewelry brand chains. (However, there are a few rare exceptions to this rule I’m told.) To add to this, there is also another brand named Chamilia, which is also very well made. Their charms and beads will fit Pandora brand products. Their beads and charm are also threaded on the inside. Chamilla also has a great line of Disney charms, which are quite cute and adorable.

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