Why Earrings Are a Way to Express Yourself

Why Earrings Are a Way to Express Yourself

Women love to wear jewelry as a way to express their personality and overall style. Dangling jewelry off our ears is a great way to show your own identity and beauty. There are moments in history that depict women all the way back to ancient Egyptian times wearing earrings as a symbol of beauty and individuality. Even warriors would wear earrings as a way to express themselves and their strength against their enemy. Though today earrings are not worn as an expression of strength, they still are a way to express something about you.

Our ear lobes are like Christmas trees – they need decoration and beautifully dangling ornaments. In history, pieces of bone, wood or stones would be used for earrings. Today we are a lot more modernized and will use items such as gold, white gold, gemstones, silver and even platinum for our stud earrings.

Using white gold earrings can pose a personal statement and style to someone’s ear. Though in history, piercings were made all over portions of the ear, majority of women will have their pierced just for one set of stud earrings. Though some women do have multiple piercings to this day too. Following with ancient history, there are some individuals today that will use small gemstones or pearls to place them directly into their piercing and use that as their “accessory” rather than something like white gold earrings or studs.
Another more modern use of earrings is the use of clip-on earrings. For those that do not wish to actually pierce their ears or cannot, a clip-on is a nice alternative. These types of earrings are just as decorated and can come in forms like white gold earrings, silver, or even ornately decorated. Majority of the time a person cannot tell if someone is wearing clip-on earrings or not.
There are numerous styles of earrings out there today, especially when it comes to something like stud earrings. One way to know the type of earring that works best for you is to know your face shape. Believe it or not, a specific style of earring will work better than others when it comes to your face. As a woman, you will also want to consider the gemstones or other accents that are in your earrings prior to purchasing them.

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