Why The Internet Might Be Damaging Your Hair


Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair? And Other Myths Answered!

The influx in people using the internet has been great for businesses as well, as many now use internet marketing as a way of promoting their business and drumming up business. Many customers will now look online before ordering from or using the services of a particular business to do a background check on their reputation and find out what previous clients have had to say about the services on offer. This is great if all the reviews about your business are true and show you in a positive light; but on the other side of the coin the internet has actually created a forum for anyone to write practically anything about anyone they want, and make people believe it.

A bad review can potentially devastate a business and, if it is an untrue, unfounded piece of information it becomes even more unfair. There are no rules about what people can publish on the internet and this has enabled businesses within the same field to write damaging things about their competitors in a bid to ruin the reputation of their closest competition.

This is what has happened to Rodolfo Valentin and his staff at his well-known salon in New York. Certain competitors in particular have become jealous of his success and have decided to take the underhand route of publishing untrue and quite simply ridiculous reviews about the services that Rodolfo offers. This is instead of focusing on their own businesses and attempting to build up their customers the traditional way.

Attempts to steal Rodolfo’s loyal customers is not only a largely futile exercise as the same clients have been coming to Rodolfo for years and will continue to despite what lies are published about him, but could also be potentially putting the health of the clients at risk. Many of the clients attempting to feed off Rodolfo’s success are often not as experienced as him and don’t have the same facilities and equipment needed to provide the high quality service that the world-renowned stylist has. Therefore, any attempts to copy the sorts of services that Rodolfo offers at his salons could result in damage to the client’s hair quality wigs and potentially a very large lawsuit as well! It is unprofessional and dangerous to pass off inexperience and a lack of expertise as anything similar to the skills of Rodolfo.

Rodolfo has worked hard to build up his reputation and has been involved in the hair and beauty industry trade since 1984. The safety and care of his clients is always at the forefront of his mind and this is why he largely only uses the internet to update his clients on how to maintain good hair pieces online health and post safety tips associated with his services. He does not feel the need to constantly promote his business via search engine optimization and online marketing techniques, instead he lets the good word of his clients and his world-renowned reputation speak for itself.

Rodolfo Valentin’s business has not been directly affected by the bad press published by jealous competitors, instead he and his staff are simply worried that people will believe what they read on the internet and turn to the cheaper options on offer, inadvertently putting their health at risk. Rodolfo’s competitors are doing all that they can do to take business away from him, namely providing cheaper, ripped-off versions of his services that could potentially be very damaging to the client. Using cheaper treatments and cutting corners in the wig hair and beauty industry can often do more harm than good, so please beware of fake versions of treatments.

For Rodolfo Valentin, business is as good as ever with his loyal customers base and excellent reputation far exceeding any made-up reviews. He would just warn consumers out there not to believe everything they read on the internet to be the truth, instead why not visit his salon and experience for yourself the wonders that this man can do with your hair!

Rodolfo Valentin’s career has been well-documented in some of the most influential publications in the USA and Europe, including the New York Times, New York Magazine, W Magazine and Vogue. For a look at some of these great features why not click here to read more!

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