For the past year or so, Journey Pendants have been the hottest sellers in the jewelry industry.
But what do they really represent? What do they mean?

A Journey Pendant represents how your love has grown and how far you’ve come along your life with your special someone.

For someone just starting do date or recently getting engaged, a Journey Pendant can tell your girlfriend/fiance that you are willing to take this “journey” of a life with her and you are ready to go through the hard times and the good times. Which is what the graduating diamonds represent.

For someone who’s been married for many years, a Journey Pendant can remind your loved one of the times you’ve had. The life you lived, the bad and good times you’ve spent together and the many more to come. Again, each of the graduating diamonds show how strong your love for her became and will become in the future.

A Journey Pendant is truly a wonderful gift for any occasion. This is a jewelry piece that isn’t just meant to look pretty, this one comes with a meaning.

Many people also decide to name each stone on a journey pendant after a memorable point in their relationship. For example, first date, first kiss, engagement, marriage, first born child, etc…

There are a number of various Journey Pendant pieces available. You can select from the classic 7 Diamond Journey Pendant, or the 9 Diamond Journey Pendant. There are Zig-Zag Journey Pendants, Journey Rings, Pearl Journey Pendants, and CZ Journey Pendants… Pick what you think fits your budget, but know that no matter what your choice is, she will absolutely love the gift.

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