May 23, 2022


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Pregnancy Safe Products from Refy

Pregnancy Safe Products from Refy

Pregnancy secure attractiveness products and solutions can be super hard and confusing. I have an whole guide devoted to what merchandise are secure to use while pregnant which includes information on what ingredients to prevent although expecting and a big record of pregnancy protected skincare products and solutions.

Right here you’ll come across being pregnant risk-free solutions from Refy as of 3/25/2022. If it is not harmless, I’ll explain to you why. All of the merchandise meet up with my being pregnant risk-free standards. Take note I will backlink to each and every product instantly to prevent confusion. You will know accurately which product I indicate.

Really don’t See Your Product or service? Read This Before You Talk to About It…

Make sure you read the Pregnancy Splendor Guide intro initially, wherever you will study which products you in fact have to have to worry about (spoiler alert, you really do not will need to fret about all makeup or hair merchandise). I will not evaluate products and solutions that fall into the “don’t stress about it” types. If you want to inquire about a particular products, I call for that you adhere to these suggestions for inquiring about pregnancy/nursing security. You can also discover much more about how to use these pregnancy protection lists. I will delete concerns that never comply with the tips or are impolite.

Being pregnant and Nursing Safe Goods from Refy

Product BLUSH (at Sephora)

Not Protected for Being pregnant, Ok for Nursing

Product BRONZER (at Sephora): Salicylate

Not Harmless for Pregnancy or Nursing

• None

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