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-Corozo buttons are a higher-top quality, durable and earth-pleasant different for your clothes-

Sustainability is not just a trend, but a important stage. Consumers are progressively knowledgeable of what they have on, try to eat, consume, use and who they get it from, so firms are re-evaluating their worth chains, products they use, traceability, manufacturing criteria and ethics at the rear of each individual item and support.

How do we make the fashion and garments sector a lot more respectful of society and the ecosystem? It may look like change took time, but absolutely it is by constant and systematic actions that it is occurring.

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Most businesses have a tendency to stick with conventional polyester (plastic) buttons that arrive from fossil fuels, which are a little bit cheaper but have a negative affect on the natural environment. Even the so-referred to as recycled polyester buttons use a significant percentage of virgin content, have to have significant amounts of energy and build a large amount of destructive squander. While the influence of a tiny button may well not feel important, big portions generate obvious environmental results.

Corozo, or tagua buttons as we know them in Ecuador, are built from a nut that grows wild in Ecuador’s tropical forests. When tender, the nut is liquid and can be drunk by people. It is incredibly very similar to ivory as a result, it is also known as vegetable ivory. Grows on palm trees and, when experienced, falls to the ground to be sustainably collected by hundreds of rural neighborhood customers as a means of subsistence. These folks develop into the very best guardians of the forest that presents them an money. Nuts then go into the arms of hundreds of artisans to be skilfully reworked into blanks, just one by one particular, pure tradition.

With 33 a long time of expertise, TRAFINO S.A. is the world’s primary business in the export of corozo blanks. TRAFINO acquires the blanks of unique measurements from a lot more than 500 artisans – a significant part becoming gals -, performs high-quality controls and exports to button makers in much more than 20 international locations, who give the finish -layout- to the product or service and promote to fashion brands. As a matter of truth, corozo buttons are not one thing new, in advance of plastic took about the marketplace, again in the 1940s, a considerable aspect of the buttons made in the globe were being corozo, including all those of the Usa Army´s uniform, and have been utilized due to the fact all over the 1850s.

Photo courtesy of Trafino

Why opt for a corozo button?

  • 100% natural, sustainable, earth-welcoming

  • Biodegradable, organic, renewable, recyclable

  • Vegan, no animal cruelty

  • Brings together structure and craftsmanship

  • Versatile, can be lasered, any layout can be created

  • Resistant to washing, dry cleaning and ironing

  • Different to polyester (plastic) buttons and other all-natural buttons that can damage the atmosphere

  • Non-toxic – youngster harmless

  • Can be utilized in its natural white colour or dyed to any colour (dye to match)

  • At microscopic degree, corozo is composed of really tightly wound organic and natural fibres that give the product superb durability and scratch resistance, contributing to circularity in vogue. Its porous nature enables colours to penetrate deep into the surface, building it an superb substance for dyeing. Corozo is also effectively recognised for its classy natural grain.

TRAFINO created the NGO Forever LUNG

TRAFINO designed the NGO Endlessly LUNG to protect tropical forests exactly where corozo palms increase wild, by doing work with each other with communities & artisans. The Ecuadorian Ministry of Natural environment awarded TRAFINO the “Green Initiative Prize” for marketing the rainforests conservation by way of a sustainable administration of corozo.

TRAFINO and Without end LUNG are doing work with community universities in the research and preparing of a undertaking to restore the buffer zones of tropical forests employing indigenous corozo palms and thus aid the forest to get better and regain house. In this article are some traits of the corozo palm tree:

  • Corozo palms have many organic interactions with pollinating insects, thousands get there through flowering time, as very well as with wild forest animals, predominantly rodents and modest mammals.

  • Corozo palms are an considerable and usually dominant species in the framework of the tropical forest. For this explanation, if we safeguard corozo palms, we preserve the total forest and its interactions.

  • Owing to the higher manufacturing of organic and natural make any difference (significant leaves, inflorescences and big infructescence), Corozo palms have a superior charge of carbon fixation.

  • Corozo palms reduce erosion and add to soil development.

  • Corozo palms encourage the “milking of clouds”, protecting humidity in forests.

  • Corozo is an critical cultural aspect in the id of Ecuadorians.

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TRAFINO is also performing with The United Nations Modest Grants Program, The German Cooperation (GIZ), the IRD (French Institute of Investigation for Improvement), govt establishments and other NGOs to strengthen and help corozo collecting communities, defend forests and get care of corozo palm trees. TRAFINO is also a member of the Warm PALM task

Corozo is not only the ideal sustainable different for trend and clothes business in terms of structure and toughness, but also has a helpful environmental and social ingredient. By replacing plastic with corozo buttons, brands contribute to trying to keep tropical forests standing, lessening the carbon footprint of the vogue sector, curbing world-wide warming, among the numerous other benefits that this superb story provides. Enable us distribute the term.

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With 22 several years of expertise working with Corozo, Ignacio Alejandro Maya is Govt President of TRAFINO S.A., a top business with more than 3 a long time exporting this resource of Ecuadorian biodiversity. Passionate about this noble materials, he has two Majors in Organization Administration and Agribusiness and 2 Minors in Psychology and English from Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador. In addition to a Diploma in Task Management from the Tecnológico de Monterrey, headquarters Toluca, Mexico. Founding member and Government Director of the Permanently LUNG Basis made to operate together with community communities to defend forests where by corozo grows wild and, by way of sustainable administration of this item, lead to improving upon the high quality of lifetime of people who obtain the nuts and the hundreds of artisans included in the distribution chain.

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