Bombé rings are a unique style of vintage diamond ring that are becoming increasingly popular with those that are looking for a unique engagement band or simply a unique and dazzling item of dress jewellery for their evenings out and special occasions. So what exactly are Bombé rings, and where lies their appeal?

Bombé rings are an Edwardian style of ring, with the name coming from the French word ‘bombe’ – or ‘bomb’ in English – which very accurately describes the shape of these items of stunning jewellery. These rings have an appealing rounded curving shape, providing a large canvas for a variety of designs upon the basic ‘bomb’ shape.

Although these originated in the Edwardian period, they became a coveted item of vintage jewellery in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, becoming popular as dress jewellery and vintage diamond engagement rings, as mentioned above.

The original Edwardian Bombé rings were often manufactured with the new precious metal at the time, platinum. As this particular metal is very strong, it was able to be worked into a variety of shapes and designs, allowing some elaborate creations to be made to fit the large curving style of the ring.

Examples of items that feature these elaborate designs in platinum include rings that bear lacy swirling designs and openwork floral patterns. The finest of three-dimensional shapes was possible, leading to some truly exquisite creations.

Due to the complexity and uniqueness of many of the designs possible in this style, and with the use of platinum, this kind of jewellery is especially suited to vintage diamond engagement rings. Not only are the designs beautiful to look at, but they also are very unique and special pieces, making for the perfect one-of-a-kind gift that an engagement ring should be.

During the Art Deco period, the swirls and floral designs of the Bombé ring changed, although the overall large and curving style remained. Instead of the delicate and feminine designs of the previous era, this kind of ring instead featured geometric straight lines to contrast with the round or oval border of the ring.

This contrast of the straight and the curved created a particularly striking look. In addition to this, the Art Deco period also had a preference for ‘crisp’ designs and white metals, which resulted in large, striking and bold pieces. Art Deco is also an era known for its contrasting colours – such as white diamonds and blue sapphires – adding to the effect.

Later styles of Bombé rings featured yellow gold instead of platinum, creating a Hollywood glamour that had not been seen before. These pieces of jewellery were not only used as beautiful vintage diamond engagement rings, but also as a statement of luxury, elegance and opulence.

Later designs moved away from the straight line of the Art Deco era, now with fluted and twisting designs proving popular. In addition to this, top jewellery houses such as Tiffany’s and Oscar Hayman Brothers set their Bombé rings with a multitude of tiny gemstones, covering the entire surface of the ring.

The complex, luxurious and creative designs of Bombé rings make them an exciting choice for anyone looking for vintage diamond engagement rings, but also can be attention grabbing dress rings. One thing is for sure, however, and that is that these rings are anything but plain and ordinary, each piece offering its own form of striking beauty and complexity.

If a Bombé ring seems to be the item of jewellery that you are looking for, the first step to take is to find a reputable specialist jeweller that can guide you in choosing the right antique or vintage jewellery piece for you. Not only will they assure you of quality and authenticity, but are also able to make sure that you care for your unique ring so it stands the test of time for many decades to come.

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